White Post Farms

http://www.whitepostfarmstv.com Visit White Post Farms in Melville, New York for an amazing fun day for the entire family. Kids and adults have a great time. White Post Farms is located in the heart of Long Island, NY in the city of Melville with very easy access from all major highways and offers tons of free parking for your connivance.

What will you find at White Post Farms? a day full of action. Start your day at our animal farm where you get to feed farm animals, we have pigs, cows, sheep, goats and so much more. You’ll get to hand and bottle feed all the animals.

From there move on to our Petting zoo where you will explore our amazing collection of exotic animals such as Camels, Zebras, Lamas, Antelopes, Kangaroos, Alpacas and much more.

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