Jewish holiday fun

Jewish holidays at is known to be the best place to take the kids and enjoy those fun holiday days with the entire family and kids.

White Post Farms is open all year round but the best time to take the kids is during the Jewish Holiday time where you can find great activities for your kids and the whole family.

Last Sukot we visited the farm and had an amazing day, the kids were so happy and excited to go and when it was time to leave they did not want to go home. They had a Suka so everybody was able to eat and they had Kosher food, Pizza, Ice-creams and many more treats for the kids and of course ALL was Kosher.

What a great place to spend your time with the children during the Jewish Holidays. You’ll enjoy all the farm has to offer and more.

Animal farm with a petting zoo you get to feed the animals and touch them too. Enjoy a huge bird aviary with hundreds of birds landing on your hand to eat from feeding sticks you get. What an excitement.

You also get to enjoy Pony rides, Train rides, shows, bouncer, face painting, parks and much much more.

This year Sukot was right around the time of the famous Fall Farm Festival in white post farms, which usually falls around that time, so we were lucky to enjoy the thousands, YES, thousands of pumpkins that you get to pick.

You can check out to receive promotions and specials they offer and notifications before the Jewish Holidays of their activities, that way you know you will not miss a day of fun at white post farms



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