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Fun children’s activities long island – visit our Aviary in Long Island. visit

At White Post Farms, there is so much to do

Animals rides and a petting zoo

But my most favorite part were the birds.

There were just so many, I tried counting the birds but they kept flying away. there were hundreds of them.

And they were just so many colors, blue, orange, yellow, green and everything in between

My mommy gave me a feeding stick and my daddy kept on bringing me the stick with a colorful bird nibbling away. I just sat like a statue hoping that the bird would stay forever.

There were beautiful flowers along the stones and there was a small little bridge over water where i just sat and looked up for what seemed like hours watching the birds fly over my head. So much fun children’s activities to do here

I was so happy, and i hope i can come back again and again and again.

So next time you’re looking for fun children’s activities in long island – visit our Aviary in melville, Long Island.

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I just love White Post Farms, there are so much fun children’s activities in long island




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